This week You! features exquisite pieces of jewellery,
designed by an upcoming designer Saira Habib...


We all love silver. Silver jewellery is light, feminine and perfect for casual as well as formal By S. K. Photography by Naqeeb-ur-Rehman occasions. It is an expression of one's own personal style and attitude. Silver earrings, bracelets, pendants and rings in desirable designs stand out in its own genre. A simple silver pendant hanging on a plain matching chain can make a fashion statement, especially when the design is of the latest theme. Today fashionable women like to wear exquisite pieces of jewellery and now they have a wider choice, thanks to the easy availability of well-designed jewellery.

Fashion runways and jewellery store fronts display new sterling silver jewellery trends every year. Designer jewellery always gives you a sense of individuality. When it is worn by fashion conscious women it expresses their unique personality and displays a real sense of fashion. Everyone prefers to buy jewellery that is new and exciting, especially something having a designer touch.


This week You! talks to an upcoming designer Saira Habib who has been designing jewellery since two years under her label 'SH'. Though she is based in U.K, she frequently travels to Pakistan to showcase her jewellery designs. Recently, she exhibited her jewellery collection - consisting of silver and semi­precious stones - at Grandeur gallery, Zamzama, Karachi, which was well received by the visitors. Here's Saira for


You! What got you interested in this field?


S: I have always been artistic and crafty from a young age but I think my true lifelong passion for silver and gemstones motivated me to design jewellery.


You! Why did you choose to design silver jewellery?


S: Silver jewellery is stylish. Its added advantage is that it is much less expensive than gold jewellery. One just cannot ignore the affordability factor attached with silver jewellery. In these times of inflation and with soaring gold prices women are opting for branded silver and costume jewellery.


You! What is your inspiration?


S: Inspiration can come from number of sources, sometimes it's the natural world that gives me enough inspiration- flora, fauna, ocean and landscape all help to inspire patterns, shapes and colours but I think my biggest source of inspiration is my passion for gemstones and it is evident in almost all my pieces. Sometimes I design the piece from my imagination; sometimes the stone dictates the design for me.


You! Do you design every piece yourself?


S: I design most of them myself but I also like to collect beautiful, unique pieces from different parts of the world as well. Our elegant range of silver jewellery is exclusively manufactured at our premises in Karachi. Our craftsmen are highly skilled and experienced and it is evident in all our products.


You! You live in the UK; do you think there is a potential market for you in Pakistan?


S: Yes, I see great potential here because all my clients highly appreciate my designs and the quality of my work. The love and appreciation that I have received from my people in Pakistan in such short time is extremely heartwarming and encouraging.


You! How do you plan to market/sell your brand between UK and Pakistan?


S: I have been supplying jewellery to some leading stores in UK for sometime and now very soon you will see my brand name in some designer outlets in Karachi. There are different ways to buy our products. People can buy these stunning jewellery pieces online by visiting our website or our Facebook Page- 'Saira Habib Jewellery'


You! What qualities do you think a jewellery designer should posses?


S: One should be very creative, imaginative and technically sound.


A sense of design is imperative. Precision and attention to detail are also equally important for a successful jeweller. It's also important to have a working knowledge about manufacturing. One should be well-versed with the fashion industry on the international front too.


You! You recently exhibited at Grandeur, what was your collection like?


S: Besides presenting exquisite pieces of silver, subtle and unusual colour combinations as well as vibrant concoctions of contrasting colours were very much part of my collection.

You! What distinguishes your jewellery from others?


S: Our intricate designs, high standard of quality and craftsmanship all make the Saira Habib Jewellery label notable and eye catching.


You! You recently exhibited at Grandeur, what was your collection like?


S: Besides presenting exquisite pieces of silver, subtle and unusual colour combinations as well as vibrant concoctions of contrasting colours were very much part of my collection.


You! Do you make exclusive pieces or do you repeat your designs?


S: Designer jewellery is meant to be exclusive so I try not to repeat my designs.


You! Are you not afraid of copycats?


S: No as no two true artists will produce exactly the same work. You are always coming up with new designs and ideas.


You! What is your idea of beauty?


S: Beauty is not just physical appearance. It's also what's found inside, what's in your heart. Humility is beautiful, although it's not popular in my business.


You! Who is your favourite jewellery designer?


S: My favourite jewellery designer is Robert Tacori


You! Your future plans?


S: I am working on several things at the moment which includes upcoming exhibitions and fashion shows. Our plan and objective is to keep delivering exquisite pieces of jewellery to accent the beauty and style of all jewellery lovers!



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